1. Hephzi has well trained and efficient service Engineers and Technicians to offer the quality and safe maintenance of elevators and Escalators at the shortest down time. Hephzi believe in timely break down service within 2 to 3 working hours.
  2. Hephzi has laid down a precise monthly service chart to ensure proper checking and lubrications of the elevator system as a preventive maintenance. The regular inspection conducted during the service will ensure proper forecast of elevator component that are required to be changed to avoid the damages.
  3. The company maintains the inventory of all the spare parts required as replacement for the elevators and Escalators to avoid any delay in attending to the break down.
  4. Hephzi undertakes modernizations of elevators by changing the components to the latest technology and ensure safe and smooth functioning of the elevators.
  5. Hepzhi’s service network covers all markets in which it is present, and as a leading Manufacturer it has the scale and capacity ensure fast, safe and reliable mobility 24 hours day.
  6. Over half of Hephzi’s 200 employees work exclusively in service, carrying out preventative maintenance, trouble-shooting and repairs on installations. In certain markets, the Hephzi’s Customer Score Card provides full transparency with dynamic reports of maintenance activity.
  7. Our network of service technicians can take care of your equipment wherever it is located. Our dedicated call-center personnel respond quickly to calls and our technicians are trained to eliminate problems the first time they occur.

Dedicated to your needs

We can often identify and remove potential problems before service is interrupted. The availability and fast delivery of spare parts for all types of equipment means you can concentrate on your business while we take care of your elevators and escalators. Our service technicians use Fast Link digital assistance to stay in touch with our call centers and to order parts, which means they have more time in the field to focus on your needs.


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