HEICO Sonic MR™ is the ideal solution for any high rise residential or commercial building configuration. It is thoughtfully designed, well crafted and smartly priced.


HEICO Sonic MR™ employs a sturdy design and delivers a smooth ride. It has all the necessary safeties in place and is quick to install.


HEICO Sonic MR™ is available in automatic center opening door and telescopic door configuration in powder coated and stainless steel finishes.The elegant ceiling and sleek operating panel increases the opulence of your property.

Space Saving

HEICO Sonic MR™ employs a space saving design to give maximum cabin space in the minimum shaft size. This means less space for elevators in your plan and maximum saleable area. The elimination of machine room greatly improves the exterior of the building.

Feature Rich

HEICO Sonic MR™ comes with

  1. Energy saving VVVF Drives
  2. Option of Gearless Machines
  3. VVVF Door Drives
  4. Closed loop control systems

Which gives a smooth ride and perfect leveling accuracy. It also comes with 2 way intercom and Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) to give maximum convenience to the passengers.


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